Wine in Context - The Realization

Refractometer for checking sugar level in grapes.
Taste of the Place

I have come to realize over the years, that it is important to understand where the wine grapes we grow here in the new world, where they originally came from. Location, location, location - what is referred to as "Terroir" and what I refer to as, "Taste of the place."

What do wines taste like from the varietals country of origin? How do you know that Riesling is wonderful, if you have never had Riesling from Germany? That's part of the context.

Often when I am hand-selling wine, I will describe the wine by referring to its style, characteristics and the grape varieties country of origin. And I can't help but add my own thoughts on food pairings. Especially when I am hungry. So expect me to add the context of food too.

I firmly believe it is important to know wine in context.

More to come,

- William, Context of Wine.